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I will tell you the story of Olli and the Bear. Olli lived in a country where there were great forests an much snow. For seven monts in the year everything was covered with snow. It was very cold.Olli lived in the forest. He caught beasts for food, and in the five months when there was no snow he grew some plants in his garden.Olli was a very kind man. He loved all beasts.He did not like killeg beasts, even for food.Olli, went to the forest to get food. He was afraid of the wolves. A wolf is a beast like a dog, it kills men and eats them. He went very far through the forest. THEN THE SNOW CAME. Olli cold not go on, he couldnt go back because of the snow.There was a hill in front.Olli knew that there where caves in that hill.Olli went to the hill.He said, I ll make a fire there, and I ll slep tonigt in a cave.Olli went in to the cave. He found same wood in the cave. He made a fire. Soon the fire was burning nicely. The fire gave a good light, Olli could see the inside of the cave.In the cave he saw a bear.It was a young bear, but it was big. Its great mounth was open. It made an angry noise.Olli thought that the bear wold run at him and kill him. He couldnt shoot the bear, because he had no gun.But the bear didnt come. It lay there, looking at him.Olli opened his eyes , ıt was morning. He looked at the snow.It was red. There were red marks on the snow.Then he heard a noise. He saw a bear.It was near him, on the snow.Olli stood up.He went to the bear. It was dying.It opened its eyes and looked at Olli.Olli looked at the bear. It was the same bear.It was that same bear whose foot Olli had washed.The bear had remembered, it had saved him from wholves.The bear didnt die. Olli took it to his hut.For many hours he stayed by the bears side...For Many days he worked to save the bear.The bear lived.Olli and the bear were friends.Wherever Olli went, the bear walked by Olli is side.Man looked at them as they walked a long the streets of the city. LOOK, THEY SAİD...THERE İS OLLİ and his bear...There is the bear and his OLLİ.



fuati's picture

you are a reach. Its good. But, Idnt reach.BECAUSE I HAVE NOT A BEAR.

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