Seyfi KaracaSeyfi ...
45, Bad walds
Gonca GÜLGonca GÜL
24, Kayseri
Rukiye KaramanRukiye...
32, Afyon
, Elazığ
43, denizli

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Jan Theuninck


a black cross
on a white stone
like a general
passing on
the blame
to God
row on row
innocent soldiers
lie forgotten
in collective

© by Jan Theuninck

For Peace

we have to fight a war
against terror
against psychological terror
against psychopathical leaders
we have to fight a war

© by Jan Theuninck


the sun shines
on the dune
the bunkers hide
the undesirable
all of them lose
their innocence
lost blood
on the beach
the sea...
guilty !

© by Jan Theuninck

Mauthausen 186

Stone by stone
we made a step
Step by step
we went to heaven

© by Jan Theuninck

about the Stairs of Death in the Mauthausen Concentration Camp


burned in the oven
I perished in smoke
the remaining ashes
are deep grey

© by Jan Theuninck

Vimy Ridge

the spirit of death
kissed you
on this ridge
your work is done
no triumph no glory
but for ever

© by Jan Theuninck


the real post-war power
is still the one of the Uebermenschen
and this "democracy" can’t be realized
but on the back of the Untermenschen...

© by Jan Theuninck

Shot at dawn

drugged by morphine
the blue light comes to you
when the squad opens fire
the coward goes to hell
the officers are heroes

© by Jan Theuninck

More info:


fallen leaves
after the warstorm
sandstone tombs
on green hills

© by Jan Theuninck

Whitesheets is the name given by British soldiers to the village of Wijtschate in the war zone(WW1)

Shut up !

don't try to be
who you are

shut up !

some more discipline
and a cheerful face

shut up !

your duty is sacred
work yourself to death

shut up !

your only way

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